Executive Summary

For six years, VSA has been working with a software company that helps manage assets for colleges and universities. The asset management software supports budgeting and depreciation; it tracks historical costs, and incorporates preventative maintenance expenses. Colleges and universities are able to anticipate the most likely needed resources for the future, by relying on VSA’s client’s historical database. Our client’s focus is on building the prospect pool and sales pipeline, and they needed a B2B outbound call center to help them find decision makers and get important firmographics that match the ideal prospective customer.


The market for any software program is constantly changing. The client keeps pace with – or surpasses – the competition by continuously adding upgrades and next generation cloud-based software. Universities and colleges benefit from the client’s break-through and highly specialized add-on modules. With a keen focus on continuous technology improvements, the client didn’t have or want to invest in the internal resources to handle prospecting. To communicate its value proposition to the target market and feed leads to the sales team, the client trusts VSA with their outreach, list updates, lead generation, lead qualification, and appointment setting.


VSA consistently delivers to the client:

  • The right decision makers and titles
  • Insights on facility size and range classification
  • High quality sales appointments
  • A positive ROI

The partnership with VSA has continued and proved to be a critical and worthwhile ongoing investment for our client.

About VSA

VSA is a premier telemarketing, lead generation, and appointment setting firm that excels in program creation and execution for clients with complex products and services that require customized prospecting methods. From healthcare and logistics to software, energy, technology, healthcare, manufacturing/logistics, education, and more, we work across all industries and reach all levels of contacts to improve campaign and lead generation performance.

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