Executive Summary

For six years, VSA has worked with a medical billing technology company that sells into hospital based physician practices where the decision maker is found at the hospital, private practice, or other facility where medical services are performed. The client needed an outbound call center to navigate their B2B initiatives.


Healthcare practices and people are always changing. Hospitals are divesting, larger practices are buying smaller practices, and smaller practices are merging; therefore, contacts at those organizations are always changing. Decision makers who had been the chief or chairman of the department increasingly become the CFO of the practice or the Group President, who may not practice at the hospital. Hospital names and practice names change as do competitors and the structure of their contracts. To get control, our client trusts VSA with outbound calling, list updates, lead generation, lead qualification, and appointment setting.


These campaigns have been so successful that the client has referred us to about four other divisions within the company. The client is now in the process of adding these other divisions, increasing their overall investment in VSA multi-fold. Additionally, we helped them:

  • Enhance the integrity and accuracy of lists by updating decision maker names, titles, and locations
  • Uncover inside information on the outsourced billing providers and practice management companies
    used, lengths of contract and receptivity to change
  • Identify competitors, hospital/group mergers, trends towards multi-specialty groups, and regional trends
  • Secure appointments for the sales team

VSA’s unique approach and methodology has allowed the client to:

  • Increase effectiveness of campaigns
  • Get the edge on competitors by gathering data on those who are faltering, merging, or changing direction
  • Reap a 10-to-1 ROI by delivering 1 large hospital and 2 large healthcare centers (worth 10x the VSA investment)

About VSA

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