Executive Summary

About a year ago, VSA began working with a company that sells an integrated information system for schools that teach English Language Learners. Our client’s focus is on providing powerful tools to help schools maximize student learning and performance. The platform organizes and analyzes English Language Learners’ performance, assessments and curriculum information. One of the biggest competitive advantages is that the data system allows administrators to implement a standard learning process across multiple classrooms and even schools within a large district. Principals can access student data anytime, anywhere, and with any device – but VSA’s client needed a B2B outbound call center to penetrate the market.


As most English Language Learner schools have vendors in place with long term contracts, it’s tough to “break in” unless our client stays competitive in this large field. Additionally, our client had never done any significant broad scale outreach. VSA launched a pilot program that expanded to 5 different campaigns. The objective was to leverage outbound calling to:

  • Contact administrative officers, confirm titles and begin conversations
  • Learn what current systems are in place and the length of contract
  • See what needs are not being met and offer an online demonstration to showcase how
    our client’s system operates

This deployment included list updates, lead generation, lead qualification, and appointment setting.


These campaigns have been so successful that the client has referred us to about four other divisions within the company. The client is now in the process of adding these other divisions, increasing their overall investment in VSA multi-fold. Additionally, we helped them:

  • Learn a great deal about the needs of various states, and how decisions are made, which is critical
    to the B2B buy cycle.
  • Identify gaps and emphasize the strengths of their system to stay competitive in a large field.
  • Grow the sales pipeline that was at one time quite small and also increase the quality of the leads
    for the sales team.
  • Generate a 5-to-1 ROI.

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