Executive Summary

For over four years VSA has been working with a large-scale supplier of construction material in a rural area whose goal is to expand their footprint and obtain new customers. In an effort to not only acquire but maintain customers, the client wanted to ensure a good experience throughout the purchase process. This required a contact strategy to “check in” with current customers, obtain feedback, follow up on orders and quotes, approve credit for new customers, and distribute marketing packets. The client needed a B2B outbound call center to not only support this process but also act as the liaison between customers and inside sales representatives using the client’s personalized CRM system.


Maintaining and building customer relationships is extremely difficult in the construction material industry; customers want the best service at the best price. With very specific needs and demands from each purchaser, it is very important that every customer is given the time and dedication offered by our client in order to make the relationship a success. The client trusts VSA with outbound-calling, list updates, lead generation, lead qualification, appointment setting, and client retention.


VSA has been able to meet all of the criteria as directed by the client and continues to improve sales and customer satisfaction through:

  • Continuously improving the value and accuracy of key contact data
  • Distributing marketing materials to new areas, developing new consumers
  • Classifying accounts of current and prospective customers
  • Communicating directly with our client’s customers in addition to prospects

The work done by VSA has kept this client coming back year after year to create a very strong working relationship. This client continues to invest in VSA not only financially, but within the trust that earned VSA the ability to expand beyond cold calls and serve as a true client liaison.

About VSA

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