Executive Summary

Executive Summary

For over five years, VSA has been working with a client who provides web-based data analytics to their clients who offer pediatric healthcare. The company collects clinical and financial data from its clients and compares this data against competitive data collected across a wide range of clients. Comparisons help identify improvement opportunities, areas of major concern, and most importantly competitive advantages and threats. By working with a range of pediatric healthcare facilities across the country, our client can not only increase market share and revenue, but also build an unmatched database that can be mined and analyzed with great precision. Importantly, our client needed a B2B outbound call center to navigate the pediatric healthcare market for them.



Our client’s goal was to capture a large share of the market in a short period of time, reaching prospects before anyone else. This required speed and focus, and was a particular challenge because the market was rapidly-advancing. To stand out against multiple new competitors, our client made the commitment to differentiate with top-quality analytics and service. To help our client expand market penetration, VSA had to learn and validate:

  • Decision maker name, title, and contact information
  • Facility name and location
  • Specific details as to what competitors are doing in the market-place and current status of contracts


VSA is accomplishing the client’s program goals in the pediatric healthcare market with the following results:

  • Consistently uncovering qualified targets – the appropriate decision maker with confirmed title,
    location and need
  • Gathering valuable insights on what services are used and the length of contract
  • Engaging dialogue around competitive comparison of services to secure strong sales leads
  • Successfully growing the client’s clientele base and driving positive ROI at such a fast pace that the client has committed to a significantly increased investment in VSA.
About VSA Prospecting

About VSA Prospecting

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