We know how. We uncover information that helps you work smarter and close more sales.

How much can you learn about a market simply by calling and asking questions? Anyone on our VSA Prospecting team can tell you: with the right expertise, quite a lot.

No matter what you need to know about your customers, VSA can help you find out. Whatever your industry, we excel at talking to the right people and uncovering key pieces of market intelligence. Our BDRs are experts at conducting market surveys that are casual, conversational, and professional—never scripted or robotic sounding.

The results speak for themselves. We’ve conducted dozens of successful market research campaigns across a variety of markets, including:

  • Acting as “secret shoppers” to learn how satisfied a competitor’s customers were with their product.
  • Helping validate the merits of specific acquisition targets by confirming how loyal their existing client bases are.
  • Reaching senior leaders to assess their intent on making new capital investments, along with budgets, timeframes and potential providers.
  • Calling mid-size organizations to discover what financial software they’re using.
  • Asking municipal parking authorities about their ticketing procedures.


Along with dozens of others, these campaigns all delivered valuable insights and data to our clients’ sales teams—helping them fill their pipelines with new business and achieve their market growth goals.

Professionalism, attention to detail, and a strategic approach—that’s the VSA way!

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Here’s how we’ve helped clients gain actionable market data:

VSA has proven success, driving towards ROI-positive programs.

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  • Implemented research programs for 100+ clients
  • Reach senior executives, middle management and front-line managers
  • Gather data to guide: new markets, product offerings, potential acquisitions, client retention and more
  • Saved over $1 million by flagging ill-advised investments
  • Proven ability to ramp up quickly

The VSA difference is clear,
just ask any of our clients!


"VSA provided high-quality insights. In addition to the value their data offered, their team was very autonomous, proactive, and accommodating… well worth the investment."

- Plumbing Manufacturer

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Drawing from nearly two decades of experience, VSA has developed a proprietary method for designing ROI-positive lead generation programs. We seamlessly act as your “outsourced in-house team”, utilizing a dedicated phone number and email address to extend our outreach efforts and perform as though we were sitting right next to you in your office.

If you’re searching for a partner that consistently delivers appointments that actually convert to sales, there’s simply no substitute for VSA!

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