Executive Summary

For over a year VSA has been working with an emerging leader in digital marketing for the online retail industry: an always-changing industry that leads our client to launch several complex campaigns to stay in front. These campaigns have included a webinar series, marketing event initiatives, and major industry conferences and conventions. To drive interest and engagement, the client needed a B2B outbound call center to help.


Strong and aggressive competitors targeting the online retail industry require our client to establish and grow their market presence in a highly strategic and expedited way – and to be one step ahead. To do this, information is key to landing engagements. But how can critical insights be gathered in a cost-effective and highly productive manner? To do this, the client trusts VSA for outbound-calling, list updates, lead generation, lead qualification, and appointment and webinar setting. This involved:

  • Keeping the client’s database updated with up-to-the-minute information
  • Informing decision makers of the latest market changes
  • Advancing the current reach of our client to potential users


VSA demonstrates flexibility and scalability in adjusting to market situations for the client with positive outcomes. Recently three large online retailers added additional digital marketing agencies to their rosters of preferred agencies for their franchisees. This opened up a significant opportunity for our client – from an agency “lock-in” to a situation where early stage influence in the decision process allowed VSA to step in on behalf of our client. To expand penetration quickly, VSA scaled up resources within two days’ notice and supported a quick strike to influence online stores that were in the beginning of the decision-making stage to work with our client. As demands vary from week to week for the client, VSA maintains consistent performance with speed and flexibility.

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