Drawing from our deep industry knowledge and almost two decades of experience, VSA Prospecting specializes in customizing inside sales programs that are continually ROI-positive — regardless of where in the process you need us.

Whatever services you require, we’ve got you covered! Our unique model, highly collaborative approach, and commitment to ROI-positive programs enable us to deliver you value on leading-edge projects as well as on tried and true basic cold calling programs.

Here are some of the many services we offer:

VSA has been the secret behind
our clients’ successes for 20 years.

We create and implement outbound lead generation programs with these key ingredients:

VSA Prospecting process
  1. A Vetted List

    A clean prospect list is a critical component of any successful business development program. We have the tech stack and the know-how to build custom lists.

  2. A Clear, Compelling Message

    Our inhouse writers craft phone scripts that capture the attention of your prospect within 10 seconds.

  3. A Professional and Skilled Messenger

    Our BDRs are among the most tenured and experienced professionals in the industry.

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