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Creating High Performing Teams

At VSA, our clients always come first. We know we are in business today because we produce results that help our clients grow. With this tremendous focus on producing results, we have gained the trust of clients who stay with VSA year after year.

As VSA continues to grow, we seek new employees who can fit into our team-oriented environment and who are also results-driven. Most of our staff have been referred by someone who works at VSA. Our hiring process includes “on the phones” interviews, which quickly weed out those who cannot make the cut. To us, it’s all about creating a team that will produce results for our clients. In the end, VSA retains only one in every eight people who interview for the firm.

Most of us have worked together for a long time – some as long as 11 years – and have created a unique work environment that allows for flexible schedules, shared and continuous learning, tremendous camaraderie, and friendly competition. Each member of the calling staff works some version of part time. We do not believe that anyone can be an effective Client Associate making outbound calls for 40 hours/week. Additionally, all of our Client Associates are assigned to multiple accounts to avoid burn-out and to continue to build skills.

An Employee-centric Organization

Second only to our client focus, we are an employee-centric organization. We place great value in finding and retaining talented employees and creating an environment where coming to work is not a chore. We celebrate successes, have peer coaching programs to improve skills, build friendships and take time out to have fun. After all, this could be a tedious job. Only by working in an upbeat, positive environment can the VSA team come in day after day and make successful phone calls for our clients.

VSA’s unique combination of professionalism, results orientation, and an employee-friendly work environment has made us a long-term prospecting partner for many diverse clients over many years.

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