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Big Data Related Services

How Does a Big Data-related services B2B company beat out the competition and double their market penetration with lightning speed? Hire VSA!

For almost three years, VSA has been working with a client who provides web-based data analytics to their clients who offer pediatric healthcare. The company collects clinical and financial data from its clients and compares this data against competitive data collected across a wide range of clients. Comparisons help identify improvement opportunities, areas of major concern, and most importantly competitive advantages and threats. By working with a range of pediatric healthcare facilities across the country, our client can not only increase market share and revenue, but also build an unmatched database that can be mined and analyzed with great precision. Importantly, our client needed a B2B outbound call center to navigate the pediatric healthcare market for them.

Construction Supplier

How does a B2B Construction Supplier expand its footprint while maintaining high standards of service throughout the customer lifecycle? Hire VSA!

For over three years VSA has been working with a large-scale supplier of construction material in a rural area whose goal is to expand their footprint and obtain new customers. In an effort to not only acquire but maintain customers, the client wanted to ensure a good experience throughout the purchase process. This required a contact strategy to “check in” with current customers, obtain feedback, follow up on orders and quotes, approve credit for new customers, and distribute marketing packets. The client needed a B2B outbound call center to not only support this process but also act as the liaison between customers and inside sales representatives using the client’s personalized CRM system.

Digital Marketing

How does a Digital Marketing B2B company beat out the competition and quickly gather insights to land new engagements? Hire VSA!

For over a year VSA has been working with an emerging leader in digital marketing for the online retail industry: an always-changing industry that leads our client to launch several complex campaigns to stay in front. These campaigns have included a webinar series, marketing event initiatives, and major industry conferences and conventions. To drive interest and engagement, the client needed a B2B outbound call center to help.


How does a Technology Solutions B2B company drive new business and a 5-to-1 ROI in the education sector? Hire VSA!

About a year ago, VSA began working with a company that sells an integrated information system for schools that teach English Language Learners. Our client’s focus is on providing powerful tools to help schools maximize student learning and performance. The platform organizes and analyzes English Language Learners’ performance, assessments and curriculum information. One of the biggest competitive advantages is that the data system allows administrators to implement a standard learning process across multiple classrooms and even schools within a large district. Principals can access student data anytime, anywhere, and with any device – but VSA’s client needed a B2B outbound call center to penetrate the market.

Medical Billing & Technology

How does a Medical Billing & Technology B2B organization penetrate an ever-changing, complex ecosystem of decision makers and yield a 10-to-1 ROI? Hire VSA!

For six years, VSA has worked with a medical billing technology company that sells into hospital based physician practices where the decision maker is found at the hospital, private practice, or other facility where medical services are performed. The client needed an outbound call center to navigate their B2B initiatives.


How does a Software B2B company feed the sales machine with highly qualified leads and yield a positive ROI? Hire VSA!

For six years, VSA has been working with a software company that helps manage assets for colleges and universities. The asset management software supports budgeting and depreciation; it tracks historical costs, and incorporates preventative maintenance expenses. Colleges and universities are able to anticipate the most likely needed resources for the future, by relying on VSA’s client’s historical database. Our client’s focus is on building the prospect pool and sales pipeline, and they needed a B2B outbound call center to help them find decision makers and get important firmographics that match the ideal prospective customer.