Twisted Tasty Team Building

Two classic Philly pretzels on a plate

VSA is proud of our reputation as a great place to work. In fact, we were recently recognized as one of the best places to work in the Philadelphia region for the 2nd year in a row!

Our team-based, employee-centered culture helps us retain and develop talented BDRs — something that most of our competition struggles to do.

In addition to ensuring an upbeat, people-centered, fun work environment, our staffing model is a key differentiator that makes our services uniquely valuable. After all, BDRs who are motivated, refreshed, and happy are the reason we have happy clients who we also retain!

But how does VSA continue to be a great place to work? Over the years, we’ve stayed true to our roots as a family-room business. From wacky holiday celebrations to the goofy, unusual ways in which we celebrate opportunities (like a personal song and dance performance from our sales team), ours is an office where fun traditions persist and thrive.

And amongst all these traditions, one of the most delicious is Pretzel Mondays.

Like cheese steaks or water ice, an oven-fresh soft pretzel is a Philadelphia area culinary tradition. Each week, we stock the office with one hundred of these local delicacies to help our team members chase away the Monday morning blues.

It’s a small act, but the effect is surprisingly powerful. The beginning of the week is when team meetings are typically scheduled; in these meetings, BDRs compare notes and learn about campaign updates. Often, they’re either getting acclimated to new programs or find themselves working with new members of the team. Thus, Monday is a day of adjustments — making it the perfect time to remind our employees of how grateful we are for their flexibility and ability to face new challenges in earnest.

And of course, food brings people together. The pretzels become a mainstay in both team meetings and amongst collocated BDRs; their tantalizing smell is capable of drawing anyone away from their desks for a few minutes of socializing in the break room. We know each other’s mustard preferences and are ready to defend our sweet or spicy point of view! Taking the time to enjoy a pretzel gives us all the chance to build new friendships and nurture the longstanding ones!

There’s no twist: providing pretzels every Monday is just one of the workplace traditions that our employees look forward to. When it comes to raising everyone’s spirits, small gestures like Pretzel Monday can go as far as big, annual or bi-annual parties and celebrations. After all, holidays come around once a year, but the skill, flexibility, and enthusiasm of our BDRs is worth celebrating on a weekly basis. Just like our fresh Philly pretzels – our BDRs are the best in the USA!