Three Ways to Declare Independence for Your Sales Team!

Human standing proudly between two fireworks

Prepare to be Patriotic!

Whether we’re setting off fireworks, grilling, camping out, spending a few days at the beach (or doing all of the above!), most Americans look forward to Independence Day as a midsummer celebration of our country’s history and freedom.

But what does independence mean for your company’s sales team?

There’s a difference between independence and just short-term profitability. Even if your company is enjoying exponential growth right now, that alone might not be a cause for celebration. Sooner or later, the pace of growth slows down — sometimes drastically. To become truly independent, you need to craft a sales strategy that is both effective and foresighted: one that both meets your short-term goals and allows you to adapt to new messaging, innovations, or developments in your market.

Your sales team should empower your company to move in whatever direction you want, when you want to. Agility, flexibility, and autonomy — that’s how a business declares independence!

Since 2001, VSA has partnered with countless clients who seek exactly this type of sales strategy. Here are three types of independence that working with a partner like VSA can help you achieve:

      1. Independence from the same old source of leads. Sales could be thrumming along great for a while — until suddenly they’re not. If you’re relying solely on one source or technique for lead generation, your company is vulnerable. One key event or change in the market could dry up your only consistent source of leads. Don’t let this be you! VSA can help you diversify your lead sources. We specialize in hands-on partnerships with our clients, helping them explore every available avenue of lead generation to create a sustainable strategy. We’ll free you from relying too heavily on any single lead gen method.
      2. Independence from inflexible, long-term contracts. Some lead gen firms lock their clients into long-term contracts, often by promising to deliver a certain number of opportunities. But once the contract is signed, they have you! You can’t turn back, even if market conditions change or if the partner delivers only low-quality leads (or even no leads at all). When you partner with VSA, you can stop, start, or change the goals and messaging of your program any time you want. Our cancellation clause makes it easy to stop the program promptly should you need to focus your resources elsewhere. We’re interested in long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships — not shackling you to the terms of an inflexible contract. Our customized, flexible programs are designed to preserve your independence!
      3. Independence from your busy schedule! Sometimes, time itself can be your biggest burden. Without a partner to lighten the load, internal sales reps often juggle so many tasks — lead generation, list building, follow up, closing, and client retention — that there simply isn’t enough time to do anything completely or thoroughly. We can step in to solve that problem. VSA acts as a direct extension of your sales team; we focus solely on the grueling, detailed work of cold calling and emailing the prospects on your list, sifting through thousands of potential customers to identify the strongest leads. By allowing them to focus only on those prospects who are best qualified and have the most interest, we free up your skilled sales staff to have the detailed, thoughtful, and persuasive conversations that they’re best suited to — and free you up to reach your sales goals, however ambitious they might be.

While you celebrate the patriotism, history, and spirit of Independence Day this year, we hope you’ll also take some time to reflect on the ideals of liberty that inspired the holiday — and indeed, the nation. If you’d like to discuss how your company can better achieve those ideals, don’t hesitate to reach out to us — we’d love to have a conversation!