Our Specialty

VSA focuses on complex products and services where our depth of experience in B2B prospecting gives our clients an advantage. We have strong consultative selling skills and excellent communication abilities to influence your decision makers to take the next step in the sales process.

Our clients count on us to deliver optimal results, especially if their products or service are unique, new-to-market, or complex.

Here are ways we can help you:

  • Plan your program in advance, before we ever pick up the phone
  • Train your calling team
  • Navigate firms to find decision makers
  • Develop relationships with gatekeepers and decision makers
  • Qualify prospects to determine who is a likely purchaser
  • Schedule and make repeat calls
  • Document results of each communication for future reference
  • Apply metrics to assess the best approaches, and cost per opportunity

VSA shies away from generic products and services, and prefers the challenge of complex programs that require planning, execution and measurement – as though we were working directly for you at your location.