VSA Advantage

What VSA Difference Means to You

We have designed our entire call center operation so that we can customize your program to generate the best results, and so your calling team can become an extension of your firm. We want to be YOU during our partnership, and design a program that meets your unique needs. We do not believe in cookie-cutter programs.

We also believe it’s important to be flexible and make modifications as necessary when we first start your program.

What does the VSA difference mean to you? It means you get a team that acts with your best interest in mind, just as you would if you were implementing the program at your own location.

Equally important, your Account Manager will leverage our years of experience across multiple industries and design your program specifically to meet your unique needs and challenges.

She will start with an assessment of your particular firm, growth objectives, competitive advantages and challenges. Then, she will design a program that works for you, including writing your script.  Our scripts serve as important guidelines for the callers, but each team member will put the script into his or her own words, so we sound natural.

During the program, your calling team will become an extension of your firm. We can (at your agreement):

  • Send individual emails from our system on your behalf
  • Make phone calls from your area code
  • Accept return calls and answer in your name
  • Update your calling file with notes from our calls
  • Schedule and make repeat calls
  • Update your calendar with appointments
  • Send emails with each opportunity
  • Provide reports

Plus, you’ll always have 24/7 access to your data via a secure access on our website.

Our calling team, account management planning and oversight, and technology provide you with tools to optimize your program’s results.