The Power of Having Fun at Work

Laughing man sitting in front of a computer

When visiting VSA to hear their teams in action, clients immediately notice the light, freewheeling atmosphere that pervades our office. They don’t always realize, however, that rather than being a mere byproduct of our associates’ success, this upbeat environment is essential to it.

There’s a clear correlation between and positive work environment and happy employees. Teamwork builds bonds between people; laughter decreases stress, boosts endorphins and improves morale. When team members are able to collaborate, learn from each other, and share a joke or two between tasks, their workplace can actually boost their physical health, not to mention their overall quality of life.

From over 18 years making cold calls, we at VSA have come to realize that having fun at work doesn’t only improve our health and wellbeing — it’s also crucial to our success. Our industry involves work that can be isolating and monotonous. Making cold calls means facing a lot of rejection; for each appointment they set, BDRs encounter at least half a dozen prospects who are not interested. Some are even rude.

It isn’t hard to understand why many appointment setting firms have high rates of turnover and employee burnout.

But by keeping things light, laughing a lot, and having fun with coworkers, BDRs can keep their spirits up and take rejection in stride. Instead of constantly feeling pressured to produce a certain number of appointments, they take the time to learn from each other and make adjustments that will improve the team’s success in the long run. Instead of dreading coming to work, our BDRs enjoy it. And people who enjoy doing something tend to keep at it.

Because of our positive environment, VSA has a retention rate that is unmatched and unprecedented in our industry. As a result, most of our BDRs have years of experience, making them experts at delivering the results our clients need. Above all else, our experience is what makes our campaigns successful.

If your company is thinking of starting an appointment setting campaign, we urge you to also think about the work environment you provide to your BDRs. Lead your team by providing an environment that is collaborative, laid back and upbeat. Trust us, success will follow!