Lead Generation

When your sales team’s time is too valuable to be spent making cold calls to every name on a list, VSA can be your source of qualified leads. We’ll do the cold calling for you. We call through lists, identify decision makers who want to learn more about your products or services and forward these leads to your experienced sales force for follow-up. Our business to business telemarketing campaigns are designed to generate leads.

It’s the perfect combination. Your sales team focuses on targets that have expressed interest so you can close sales. VSA’s lead generation specialists performs the time-consuming, value-added legwork to find these targets.

Here’s more about how we help you with your business to business telemarketing lead generation:

  • We work with lists you provide us, or lists we help you purchase from list vendors, for your businss development campaign
  • We create an ongoing program that allows VSA callers to reach people who are in the position to make the final decision, or key influencers
  • We engage in conversation with decision makers to assess a level of interest – whether now or in the future
  • We forward interested leads to your sales force with relevant information, thus becoming an ongoing source of new qualified leads
  • We produce reports to measure a cost per qualified lead
  • We allow you to download your calling file with our notes, 24/7, from a secure portal

We generate an ongoing source of fresh leads and allow you to focus on selling and closing. Your sales people avoid becoming dragged down by the time-consuming, repetitive task of cold calling. That’s our job, and it’s what we excel at every day.

VSA is a B2B call center that helps clients with their business development; our experienced team takes on what internal sales forces don’t want to do, can’t do well, or don’t have time to do. VSA thrives on outbound telemarketing campaigns, and our success stories and satisfied customers can tell that story for us. Let the lead generation specialists at VSA find the qualified sales leads that your business needs.

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Lead Generation