So much to learn at Boston’s Digital Sales World Conference!

Four workers holding phone or tablets

Having recently returned from my fourth visit to Digital Sales World conference in Boston, I am overflowing with stats and insights. Hosted by the Boston Chapter of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), this conference attracts sales leaders from across the country. Without these groundbreakers, we would still be calling from the Yellow Pages using manual dialing.

Here’s a few key take-aways from this year’s conference:

• You’re 40% more likely to get someone at their desk if it’s raining
• 53% of customer loyalty starts with the sales experience – so what VSA does for its
clients impacts not only sales, but retention!
• Disengagement by BDRs (business development reps) comes from not knowing their role in the
bigger picture. It’s so important to communicate the larger perspective to your front-line
• 53% of sales executives don’t make their quota
• There is no best or better day to make calls and stats prove this
• 98% of successful prospecting relies on an orchestrated combination of email and phone

Here’s some great tips by Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft:
1. Leadership requires a harmonious blend of nurturing & challenging your people. The truth lies in the tension between these extremes.
2. Our profession only requires fundamental belief in yourself, your product, and your company. Sales then is merely a transference of that belief.
3. In years past, sellers have over-optimized with technology: power emailers, marketing automation, robo-dialers all because “sales is changing” and we didn’t want to be left in the dark.
4. But despite these investments, sales results are declining. % of reps hitting quota are down, time wasted across disparate systems is up, and actual time with the buyer is down.
To learn more, visit Kyle Porter’s own notes on LinkedIn.