Short Term Projects

VSA welcomes shorter term projects, such as: following up to mailings, eblasts, or event invitations; short calling lists; or overflow work. We want you to be successful, and sometimes you don’t need a long term prospecting program for a quick infusion of results.

We are your “go-to” prospecting team whenever you need us. We have created an environment that is perfect for helping clients on a project basis, even on short notice.

Our flexible scheduling model and highly qualified employees and staffed allow us to respond quickly to our clients’ project needs.

Here’s more about how we help you with short term projects:

  • We respond quickly to your project request, referring to prior notes if you are a returning client
  • We learn your goals and define the best approach to achieve them
  • We assign qualified callers to your initiative, and manage the program – all with the same focus as our long term prospecting programs
  • We provide feedback and make modifications, as necessary
  • We provide reporting to help you assess progress and end-of-project results
  • We welcome you whether you come to us 5 times a year or once every 2 years

Our goal is to be here when you need us, and to apply the same professionalism in our preparation and execution of short-term projects as we do our long-term prospecting programs. Your success is what motivates our callers.