Our Services

VSA offers B2B telemarketing services to help you generate leads and sell more business. We’re a B2B call center working from a single location in the United States. Our experienced telemarketing teams make calls nationwide and internationally to English-speaking individuals. We work effectively with our clients for years, producing ROIs that allow them to reinvest in ongoing prospecting services. We succeed in making sales appointments where others fail.

VSA specializes in complex products and services that require strong planning and management and our callers’ communication skills and ability to engage with decision makers. We embrace challenges and treat each new client as a fresh opportunity. At VSA, we leverage our vast experience to optimize your sales results, yet customize our processes so that no two programs are ever identical.

Professionalism, customization, and prospecting savvy: that’s the VSA difference, and why our clients stay with us.

Appointment Setting

Let VSA expand your prospect and client base by setting appointments with qualified buyers.

Lead Generation

When your sales team is too valuable to make cold calls, VSA can qualify the leads first.

Inside Sales Team

Our approach is to become an outsourced extension of your organization.

Lead Qualification

Let us weed out the most qualified opportunities on your list so you focus on highest potential prospects.

List Updates

Want to update an older list? Let us help you identify decision maker names and the contact information.

Event Registration

Webinars, lunch ‘n learns, seminars, trade shows – they help motivate interested prospects.

Membership Drives

Does your organization have recurring membership drives? Are you sometimes caught short handed?

Client Retention/

You already know that it’s easier and less costly to upsell an existing client and reclaim a former customer.

Short Term Projects

VSA welcomes shorter term projects. VSA can help you handle urgent, quick turnaround campaigns.