Privacy Policy

VSA, Inc. adheres to the strictest of privacy policies and often signs client-specific confidentiality and non-compete agreements. Below are some basic practices we follow. We are happy to talk about specific policies you, our clients, may have. Given VSA’s client-focused environment, we are likely to be able to support most privacy policies, even if the policy is not specifically stated below.

1. We will never use a list created for, purchased or provided by a client for another client, even in different industries.
2. We will not divulge our clients’ names without their permission.
3. We will not divulge results of specific clients’ prospecting programs even if we’ve been given permission to use the names as clients.
4. We will not represent two attorneys or other professionals who practice in the same legal field within the same geographic area.
5. We will not telemarket to the same prospect for more than one firm in the identical industry.
6. We will not share marketing strategies with firms in the same industry.
7. We will not use language from mailings written for one client in another client’s mailing pieces.
8. We will not use telemarketing talking points created for one client and apply them directly to another client.

VSA is committed to partnering with our clients and, as such, treats each client as though it were our own company. We protect strategies, prospecting practices and results in the same way we would if we were part of the management team of the companies for whom we prospect.

Website Privacy Policy
We also collect data from all website visitors anonimously via Google Analytics, including age and gender demographics. This information is used by us to improve how we present information to our prospective customers, as well as to help us improve the information we provide to our clients.

Visitors can opt-out of the Google Analytics Advertising Features. You can learn more from Google here:

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