Membership Drives

Does your organization have recurring membership drives? Are you sometimes caught short handed, and need staff to expiring members before the clock has timed out? Let VSA handle your outreach, and re-enroll soon-to-expire members.

We help you keep your base vibrant and active.

Here’s more about how we help you with your membership drives:

  • Call your expired or soon-to-expire members with compelling reason to continue membership
  • Represent your organization credibly – talk to members with respect and the appropriate congeniality
  • Take membership renewals over the phone, or warm transfer to you
  • Update database with replacement names and new contact information
  • Provide you with a complete update of each record, so you know reasons for cancellation…
  • …and most importantly which memberships were saved!

Your organization is all about your membership. The process of reaching out and saving expiring members is typically time consuming and tedious. This is the area where VSA adds value.