Lead Qualification

Let us weed out the most qualified opportunities on your list from those who will never purchase your product or service. This way, your sales people can focus on the highest potential prospects.

Our telemarketing teams use your qualifying criteria to identify the strongest prospects for you. This lets you save time and money and avoid assigning this time-consuming task to your highest paid sales people.

Here’s more about how we help you with lead qualification:

  • We load your list into our CRM system in order to call through records quickly
  • We customize our database with fields for collecting critical lead qualification data just for your program, if needed
  • We call your prospects – often multiple times – asking qualifying questions
  • We identify qualified prospects who need or use your product and email these targets to you
  • We provide additional data when possible such as existing provider, existing contract timeframe, etc.

Our goal is to do the legwork required to deliver a set of leads to you who are highly likely to use your service, and provide value-added information that will help your sales people close.