Insights and Tips

Selecting the right prospecting partner can make all the difference to your program and your firm. VSA has compiled the following audio clips, guides and white papers to help you. Please call us at any time with questions.

Listen to Valerie Schlitt relate keys to outsourced calling, lead generation success, best preparation, phone scripts, gatekeepers and voicemail, and lead conversion.

      Interview with Valerie Schlitt

Partner Selection Guide

Download a copy of VSA’s guide to finding the right B2B Prospecting Partner!

Whether you’re looking at just one potential Lead Gen firm or comparing multiple, this guide will help you ask just the right questions. To learn VSA’s responses to these questions, simply complete the “Company” section of the form and send back to We’ll reply promptly with responses to the balance.

Hear some important thoughts on preparation of your program:

6 Criteria for a Great Calling Program

      Great Calling Program

Dialing Activity, Conversations and Qualifying Next Steps. What Matters Most?

      What Matters Most?

In-House or Outsource? Pros and Cons

      In-House or Outsource?

Planning a program? Selecting an outsource call center? Gain insights from these audio shorts:

Worst Call Program Mistakes to Avoid.
1 min 27 sec

      Call Program Mistakes

Length of Pilot. Predicting Results.
1 min 48 sec

      Predicting Results

Summary for B2B Leads Call Program.
2 min 22 sec

      B2B Leads Call Program

Call Process Steps & Touches.
2 min 10 sec

      Call Process Steps

Does Industry Experience Help?
1 min 12 sec

      Industry Experience