Inside Sales Team

Our approach is to become an outsourced extension of your organization. Our staff works as your inside sales team, getting to know your company and your target market, how to present your offering, how to overcome challenges, when to leave voice messages or send emails, and how to respond to return calls. We are experts in B2B appointment setting.

When prospective buyers talk to us, they will talk to a knowledgeable member of your team, as though we were sitting right down the hall from you.

Here’s more about how we help you as your inside sales team:

  • We select and assign the right callers for your program, to optimize results over time
  • We build and maintain a long-term calling team dedicated to your program
  • We enable you to increase or decrease our work effort to fit your clients’ buying patterns or your internal needs – without losing key resources on your team
  • We provide ongoing reports and account management discussions, just as though we were part of your organization
  • We make improvements whenever necessary
  • We utilize our CRM system – or yours – to document results and create reports
  • We send emails, leave voicemails and receive return calls
  • We provide taped calls, as needed
  • We produce reports to assess our effectiveness

Our goal is to represent you credibly, maximize qualified results and communicate effectively with you. We want to be your long term “inside sales team” and produce the ROI you require.