Healthcare Specialization

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Need a cure for your healthcare lead gen woes? Come see the specialists!

For outbound sales teams, healthcare can be a particularly difficult industry to navigate. Hospital systems often feature ever-changing decision makers, out-of-date or confusing websites, or complex, arcane phone switchboards. Even in our industry, calling into healthcare institutions is something that many firms in don’t want to take on.

Not to mention, the health industry has been rapidly changing. It seems that every year, a new form of delivery model emerges. New technology and processes help clinicians achieve the threefold goal of maintaining compliance, maximizing revenue, and providing outstanding patient care. It can be difficult to keep up—even for hospital leaders and healthcare practitioners themselves.

We have found these unique stats for the healthcare market:

  • It typically requires up to 18 attempts to reach hospital CFOs—double the number typically required in other sectors.
  • In healthcare, about twice as many prospects respond to our two-touch voicemail/email outreach by email as in other industries.
  • In most industries, an average lead list is 15 to 20 % inaccurate; in healthcare this figure is typically closer to 25%.

16 years ago, we formed our first healthcare partnership with a client who was selling into hospital radiology practices. From there, VSA has built a unique understanding of the healthcare, helping sales teams with everything from simply finding the right person to staying abreast of mergers, divestitures and new entities in the market.

While VSA has regarded ourselves as industry-agnostic, the truth is that for years we have been quietly building an expertise in healthcare. Our owner comes from a medical family, and we are driven by her inherent interest in the field. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy. The interest of an increasing number of healthcare clients has propelled our growth in this field.
Thus, the the time has come for us to claim our expertise, allowing firms to leverage our knowledge into increasing their market share in healthcare.

Institutional knowledge and commitment to continual improvement are both key to setting qualified appointments in any field, and VSA’s unique approach to lead generation and qualification make us the ideal partner for connecting with the right personas in hospitals and health agencies. Our unique approach to scheduling retains employees and keeps everyone fresh and focused. Because we’ve minimized turnover, we’ve retained employees who truly know the healthcare industry. And the regular coaching our BDRs receive simply makes them that much better.

Our clients comment on the notes and reporting we provide. Especially for companies who are new entrants, we are their eyes and ears on the ground and provide market feedback they do not yet have.

After years of building a large percentage of our business in this space, we are thrilled to finally call ourselves specialists in the healthcare field. Perhaps more so than any other industry, healthcare requires research, navigation, and a comfort level speaking to decision makers in a language they understand. It may be a difficult industry, but it’s one that plays perfectly to VSA’s background, experience, and unique program model.

Want to learn more details about how we do it? Check out some of our case studies. Or better yet, give us a call!