Healthcare Lead Generation

VSA Inc.’s expertise in health care allows us to focus on remaining abreast of every nuance in this constantly progressing industry. We now have more customers selling into healthcare than any other area.

This is a notoriously difficult market. It can take an average of 18 efforts simply to get a targeted prospect on the phone. Too often, medical facility systems include ever-changing choice makers, out-of-date or complicated sites, or arcane phone switchboards. Trying to acquire traction in such a complex market is a job that even some of the most successful, reputable companies do not wish to handle.

VSA’s distinct calling structure makes them an ideal partner for calling into hospitals and health firms who desire to outsource their cold calling, lead generation and appointment setting. By minimizing turnover, the firm has retained longtime employees who have actually developed up a comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare market.

By concentrating on health care, VSA is transmitting what lots of current clients currently understand: that this tough market is one that plays perfectly to VSA’s background, experience, and program design.