Following up on Web Leads

A puzzled man studies his laptop

Great news! Your company recently launched a new digital marketing initiative, and the leads are finally rolling in. Each day you check the site and add the leads to your pipeline. Marketing has a solid drip campaign in place.

It seems that you’ve finally figured this lead generation thing out — but after a year of generating solid marketing qualified leads, your shocking spend still hasn’t generated even one new piece of business.

You realize there’s more work to do — a lot more. Of the dozens of people who’ve engaged with your content, how do you know who is actually a good prospect? How do you sort out the people who don’t have decision-making authority, those who may have engaged with your content by mistake, or those who simply clicked through because they were bored?

This is the perfect time to hand off your digitally generated marketing leads to a more traditional technology tool. Enter the telephone.

By making phone calls, you can further vet those new prospects: you’ll quickly be able to separate Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) from Market Qualified Leads (MQLs) and screen out those accidental people who aren’t leads at all.

But you don’t have to stop there! When you do find interested, highly qualified prospects, move them forward by scheduling a phone call appointment.

If you don’t have the staff or resources available in-house to follow up with all of your web leads, consider involving an outside partner. B2B firms like VSA excel at these campaigns. In our experience, fresh, organically-generated lists produce high connection rates, which almost always correlate to appointment setting success. And even when prospects aren’t interested, the call has still produced valuable marketing information by revealing why your product or service is not of interest. You now know where the weaknesses in your messaging are and what your competitors might be doing better.

Whether or not you partner with a firm like ours to do it, we strongly recommend following up with all of your web-generated leads by telephone on a timely basis. The result will be a crisp, clean, up-to-date list saturated with decision makers who are eager to learn about your offerings. Trust us — your sales team will thank you!