Don’t Get Fooled

“How many appointments can I expect to get?”

Above all else, this is the what most of our clients want to know. Understandably, companies that conduct lead gen campaigns want the ability to track and monitor their results. And there must be a strong correlation between more appointments and more sales, right?

Well… sometimes. Unfortunately, it’s fairly easy to generate junk leads on the telephone. Therefore, you should be skeptical if the number of appointments promised by a firm seems unreasonably high.

Don’t get fooled!

Instead of merely setting as many appointments as possible, a sophisticated lead gen partner will put in the time and effort to ensure that a decent percentage of those leads actually result in closed sales. That’s why rather than promising a ton of appointments right away, the best B2B Inside Sales Teams focus on quality as well as quantity, ensuring that your campaign will end up ROI-positive.

After all, there are many forces at play in the appointment-setting world. Here are just a few that VSA BDRs commonly deal with:

  • Hard-to-reach decision makers who require thorough research and navigation to get ahold of
  • Complex laws or regulations that affect the target market and vary from state to state
  • A brand new product that requires market research and message testing
  • Multiple opportunities for prospect engagement—such as a phone call, webinar attendance, or an in-person meeting at a tradeshow
  • An offering with multiple features or price points that requires an in-depth conversation with each prospect in order to accurately qualify and determine level of interest.

These are all reasons why setting an appointment might take more time. The payoff, however, is that those appointments are more likely to be substantive and less likely to drop, making each lead exponentially more valuable. Because the prospects who your sales team speak with will be more interested and more qualified, they’ll be able to use their time more efficiently—ultimately closing more sales and generating more revenue.

There are lots of Inside Sales partners out there who will guarantee a certain number of appointments per hour, but that guarantee often comes at the expense of certain other capabilities—namely, the skill sets required to handle the types of complex circumstances described above. These types of firms can be a good fit if you already know a lot about your market, have a vetted, accurate call list, and are pitching a simple product with a straightforward ask.

If that isn’t the case, however, you should consider quality as well as quantity before committing to a lead gen partnership. Otherwise, you may discover that instead of striking it rich, you’re hitting nothing but fool’s gold.

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