No Selling Allowed

“(Buyers) are not allergic to sales people, but they’re allergic to being sold. They want insight, knowledge and context around their situation. Someone who can solve a business problem and achieve business outcomes.” Jill Rowley, Social Selling Expert Many sales and marketing experts talk about the savvy consumer of our modern times. It’s true that the Internet has proven a … Read More

Is “Calls/Hour” a Meaningful Measurement?

When you think “Cold Calling” and “Metrics” one measurement quickly comes to mind:  Calls/Hour. I want to dedicate this piece to both the benefits and downsides of this measurement. Calls/hour is a key metric for VSA, as it should be for any outbound cold calling organization.  But, this metric is not as clean and pure as some would think: •   … Read More

Personality and Telesales

Does a great cold caller always produce great results? VSA serves as the inside telesales team for many clients across the country, acting as appointment setters and identifying qualified opportunities. We’ve been doing this for years. So, you would think that a great caller for one client would also produce excellent results for other clients. You would think that callers … Read More

Telesales Helps with New Product Launches

Good News. VSA is seeing increasingly more companies bring new B2B products and services to market. Because many of these offerings are so new, we’ve taken note of common challenges: •    Companies don’t always know who the exact decision makers are. Often they don’t know the size of the company, or department that will need the offering. •    Clients don’t … Read More

Hiring a Strong Telesales Team

Some companies wonder how to build a staff of great cold callers who can set qualified appointments for the sales team. Here are some valuable tips we’ve learned at VSA over the years, focusing on the telesales hiring process.  Hiring a great team can be a lengthy, expensive, and frustrating process, and firms like VSA can take this burden from … Read More

Telesales Means Working the Phones!

Last week we identified an amazingly attractive B2B sales lead for our client.  This is a lead we had been pursuing for about a month.  Our client had provided the company name but no decision maker name.  The company is huge, with multiple locations across the globe.  We needed to navigate to learn who the decision maker was, and try … Read More

The Truth about Telesales

Telesales, especially in the B2B space, is not about making a sale over the phone.  It is about using the telephone to support and influence a B2B sale. As a B2B sales marketing firm, VSA uses the range of our prospecting services to help our clients make sales, often when other approaches are not effective.  The telephone is particularly successful … Read More

How Companies Make Telesales Work

Can you really sell a B2B product or service over the phone?  Can you make a B2B sale through outbound phone calls, talking to decision makers who are probably unfamiliar with your firm and actually get a PO or credit card number to complete a sale on the spot? It’s a real challenge to secure payment for B2B telesales on … Read More