Bridging the Gap Between Marketing & Sales

If you were to google “the gap between marketing and sales” you’d be hit back with 33,900,000 results. This is because the gap between marketing and sales is an issue many companies grapple with on a daily basis. However, what we have found through first-hand experience is that the struggle occurs not because there is an actual gap, but because … Read More

Cold Calling or Cold Emailing?

Since the dawn of the digital age, there has been this assumption that, eventually, digital will wipe out all other mediums, making them obsolete. After all, digital is faster and cheaper. Plus, it comes with a truck load of juicy data that can be organized into insightful tools like graphs and charts which, in turn, help to make prospecting and … Read More

10 Tips for Successful Cold Calling

As a B2B call center, we make cold calls all day long, every day. With each call we make, our goal is to set an appointment for our client so they can potentially close the sale with the new prospect. The following is a short list of what we have learned over the past sixteen years. 1. Work Past Your … Read More

Transitions: The Hardest Part of Cold Calling

Two months ago, I began taking Yoga classes. Through my early practices, I discovered that I need tremendous improvements in my strength, balance and flexibility. But most importantly, I discovered that I have really choppy transitions from one pose to the another. Instead of flowing, I am lurching after each position hurrying to get into the next.  It’s very awkward. … Read More

The 3 Must-Have Competencies for Your Outsourced Appointment-Setting Firm

By Valerie Schlitt Call it what you will—Inside Sales, Appointment Setting, Demand Generation, Lead Generation or Cold Calling—it’s a critical business operation that helps companies fill their sales pipelines, and one that companies are increasingly outsourcing. The goal of a telephone lead generation program is to find qualified and interested sales opportunities.  These opportunities will be presented to the sales … Read More

Do Physicians Need Cold Calling Skills?

VSA, Inc. is a NJ based cold calling and appointment setting firm that helps companies increase their sales. Hour after hour, day after day, the VSA team makes telephone calls and sends emails on behalf of clients across the country. The team’s goal is to find interested decision makers, qualify their needs and set sales appointments. VSA staff become an … Read More

Looking Back: How Cold Calling Has Changed

When VSA first started in the outbound lead generation business, we only made telephone calls. We didn’t send emails or even have dedicated return phone lines. Still, we were successful; just 15 years ago we could reach decision makers much more quickly and easily than today.  A lot has changed, however, and we have adapted our programs and expanded our … Read More

Cold Calling: Is it a Sales or Marketing Activity?

I’ve wondered this for a long time.  Is cold calling to set sales appointments a marketing or sales activity?  Here’s my analysis and conclusion.  What’s yours? Sales is all about solving problems, often at a personal level (even in B2B Sales).  Let’s say that a potential client needs to streamline business operations to cut costs and meets a company who … Read More

Calling right or Calling often

Here’s a question.  In lead generation via phone, is simply making calls more important than the quality of those calls?  We all know there is no correct answer to this question, but I’d love to start a dialogue about it. Does B2B cold calling to find qualified leads work just because we do it? Is it due only to chance … Read More

A short case study: the impact of tweaking a cold calling campaign

This week I’m going to talk about one of our ongoing calling campaigns (details have been changed to protect our clients’ privacy) to show some concrete examples of how creativity and persistence make our cold calling programs successful. A Boston-based company needed help reaching senior-level decision makers (CEOs and CFOs) to promote their new high-ticket software for streamlining administrative and … Read More