Strong Calling List

Biggest Predictor of Success

Do you know what the biggest predictor of success for your prospecting program is? The calling list.

If you cannot reach the right decision-maker, then these other tools are almost wasted efforts – and money.
Here are two examples – where the list made all the difference between success and failure.

Client A is an established, successful firm who really knows its market.

The executives know that the best prospects for them are manufacturing firms primarily with male employees of a certain age group. They know the range of employee size, sales volume, and the decision maker’s title.

In the past year, this client has come to VSA several times. At the client’s request, VSA ordered prospect lists that fit the exact criteria our client wanted – not an entirely quick task, but one well-worth the effort. This kind of list can be ordered at virtually any list broker, but requires asking the right questions and scrutinizing the list delivered by the vendor.

Then, the VSA calling team began dialing for Client A.

  • We spoke to a real human being at nearly each prospect firm – a rarity in today’s world of voicemail!
  • Our rate of appointment-generation was excellent.

Our client visited prospects and made multiple sales, generating a significant return on investment.

Client B is a start-up firm, with no track record.

This client had previously hired a firm who didn’t understand the market, nor ask the right questions, to help them build a custom-list of prospects. This list was comprised of businesses with recent property damage because our client wanted to finance the repairs. The list included the apparent decision-makers’ names, telephone numbers, and addresses. What more could we ask for?

The VSA team began dialing for Client B.

  • We soon discovered something very interesting.
  • Because of the property damage, most telephone numbers were disconnected, and few had forwarded numbers.
  • When we found a forwarded number, often it was for the former business owner, and not to the property owner.
  • It turns out the property owner, who was responsible for repairs, was the real decision-maker, not the business owner whom we had dialed.

We made no qualified appointments for Client B.

VSA caller skill sets were identical for both calling efforts. But Client A gained a financial profit. Client B lost a financial investment.

The only difference was the quality of the list.

In the rush to acquire new clients, don’t also rush through the critical step of creating a prospecting list that will enable you to deliver your message to the right prospects.

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