The Telephone Works for Appointment Setting

At VSA we know that cold calling can be the advantage employed by the most competitive firms for identifying qualified sales opportunities from the most challenging target market.  Cold calling isn’t cheap, but often it’s the only way to convert the hardest to reach decision makers into prospects.  Here are some innovative ways companies are using the telephone cost-effectively. Marketing … Read More

Telesales Helps with New Product Launches

Good News. VSA is seeing increasingly more companies bring new B2B products and services to market. Because many of these offerings are so new, we’ve taken note of common challenges: •    Companies don’t always know who the exact decision makers are. Often they don’t know the size of the company, or department that will need the offering. •    Clients don’t … Read More

Do Pre-Call Mailers Help Lead Generation Companies?

Everyone asks, “Should I send something to my prospects before calling them?”  At VSA, the most frequent answer is NO!  But, sometimes, it’s YES! There are multiple reasons why, for the most part, lead generation companies do not recommend mailers before B2B calling campaigns: •    It’s almost impossible to know exactly who your decision maker is from a purchased mailing … Read More

Evaluating Appointment Setting Through Taped Calls

Prospective clients often ask to listen to taped calls from another campaign.  They’re not always doing themselves a service!  In fact, they may 100% misjudge appointment setting companies this way.  Taped calls prove very little about a new potential program’s effectiveness.  Again, why is that? •    Each program has a unique personality, and even the most effective telephone prospector will … Read More

Hiring a Strong Telesales Team

Some companies wonder how to build a staff of great cold callers who can set qualified appointments for the sales team. Here are some valuable tips we’ve learned at VSA over the years, focusing on the telesales hiring process.  Hiring a great team can be a lengthy, expensive, and frustrating process, and firms like VSA can take this burden from … Read More

Lead Generation Companies: Not Interested isn’t Forever

Many times an old calling list still has so much life left – and produces valuable results and connections for our clients! •    Last week Ryan spoke with a physician who wanted to learn more about a specialized medical billing program. This normally wouldn’t be odd, but last year this same physician practice, with a different decision maker, flatly refused … Read More

Invest In Appointment Setting

Invest in Appointment Setting This article will let VSA use our years of experience in appointment setting to help your organization with its own sales and marketing programs, using the telephone! Benefits of Telephone Prospecting Program Increase Over Time When we first start a cold calling program, we spend an inordinate amount of time in the first 3 weeks managing … Read More

Telesales Means Working the Phones!

Last week we identified an amazingly attractive B2B sales lead for our client.  This is a lead we had been pursuing for about a month.  Our client had provided the company name but no decision maker name.  The company is huge, with multiple locations across the globe.  We needed to navigate to learn who the decision maker was, and try … Read More

B2B Sales Leads: What Can You Expect?

We talk to companies almost every day about potential lead generation programs, and most want to know what they can expect.  How many B2B sales leads will they get? Can we set appointments on their calendars?  How qualified will the leads be?  How will they learn about appointments/leads?  What kind of information will they receive?  What background do our B2B … Read More

The Right Script for Appointment Setting

Person typing on a typewriter

The trick to generating a sales lead is to follow a script but never let your prospect know that you’re doing so.  In very effective appointment setting programs, the prospect needs to believe that the caller – who is actually employed by a prospecting service or outsourced lead generation firm – is in fact a seasoned member of the client’s … Read More