B2B Sales Leads: What Can You Expect?

We talk to companies almost every day about potential lead generation programs, and most want to know what they can expect.  How many B2B sales leads will they get? Can we set appointments on their calendars?  How qualified will the leads be?  How will they learn about appointments/leads?  What kind of information will they receive?  What background do our B2B … Read More

The Right Script for Appointment Setting

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The trick to generating a sales lead is to follow a script but never let your prospect know that you’re doing so.  In very effective appointment setting programs, the prospect needs to believe that the caller – who is actually employed by a prospecting service or outsourced lead generation firm – is in fact a seasoned member of the client’s … Read More

The Truth about Telesales

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Telesales, especially in the B2B space, is not about making a sale over the phone.  It is about using the telephone to support and influence a B2B sale. As a B2B sales marketing firm, VSA uses the range of our prospecting services to help our clients make sales, often when other approaches are not effective.  The telephone is particularly successful … Read More

Lead Generation – The Expansion of an Industry

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The demand for B2B lead generation among sales organizations has reached an all-time high.  Prompted by tremendous expectations for significant return on capital – even sole proprietor – companies need to find smarter, quicker and less costly ways of finding leads to fill their sales pipelines. Enter Appointment Setting Companies!  The industry of outsourced B2B cold calling services who set … Read More

B2B Appointment Setting for Complex Products

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We at VSA focus on B2B appointment setting for complex products and services, mainly those with long prospecting time-frames and difficult to reach decision makers.  We have built our entire infrastructure to support the kind of B2B appointment setting that must be performed for these kinds of products and services.  From our CRM technology to our calling process and right … Read More

How Companies Make Telesales Work

Can you really sell a B2B product or service over the phone?  Can you make a B2B sale through outbound phone calls, talking to decision makers who are probably unfamiliar with your firm and actually get a PO or credit card number to complete a sale on the spot? It’s a real challenge to secure payment for B2B telesales on … Read More

Lead Generation vs Appointment Setting

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VSA has a client with a large sales force who has hired VSA for lead generation, only!  That’s right.  This company doesn’t want any appointments set on their calendars, just the identification of qualified leads.  Their sales force wants to schedule their own appointments, and not be locked into timeframes we set for them. For us, as a B2B telemarketing … Read More

Qualifying Leads for B2B Appointment Setting


At VSA, we make B2B cold calls every day for our clients.  We find that the most successful appointment setting programs are those where there is a clear expectation of how qualified an appointment must be. Clients who have sales forces and want us to set appointments for their sales teams typically want as many appointments as possible, even if … Read More

The Art of the Voicemail: Call Me Back, Please!

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To leave a voicemail or not to leave a voicemail – that is the question! Leaving a voicemail “cold” and hoping the prospect responds can be wishful thinking. Many times it’s a better use of your time to move on and not leave any message. Here are some strategies to encourage that elusive call back. Provide a convincing reason for … Read More

How Outbound Calling Helps with Branding

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Most medium to large companies focused on B2B sales employ an inside sales/telesales team as a tool for appointment setting. But, a frequently overlooked benefit of this team is its effectiveness in driving brand awareness. Telephone calls to build branding? Can this work? The answer is a resounding YES, and its impact seems to be on the upswing. Obviously, those … Read More