Style: Can’t Be Taught, MUST Be Found

While it may seem odd for a cold-calling business to write a blog about style, the truth is every caller needs to find it if they want to achieve their cold calling goals. Cold calling works because of the human connection factor. Today’s leading experts emphasize the importance of opening up a conversation with your prospect. (You can read how … Read More

VSA Attends ZoomInfo Growth Acceleration Summit

Contact: Valerie Schlitt                                                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Telephone: 856-240-8100 Email: Website: July 12, 2018 – Haddon Township, N.J. – VSA recently returned from a trip to … Read More

The Human Connection Factor

While all businesses are different, we can all agree on one thing: Every business needs a sales engine. And that sales engine needs to be running at all times. For most businesses, that sales engine is a combination of a number of different efforts. The top five are networking, referrals, cold calling, email marketing, and social media.  Beyond that there … Read More

A Cautionary Tale: Bad List Destroys Campaign

The foundation of any cold calling or appointment setting campaign is the call list. It is typically about a 60%-75% predictor of success. A bad list will produce bad results, plain and simple – no ifs, ands or buts. Of course, there are other factors that in combination greatly affect the outcome of a campaign such as a compelling sales … Read More

How to keep your prospect on the phone: tone and pace

In appointment setting, the longer a prospect is on the phone during a cold call, the better chance you have of establishing credibility and gaining his/her trust.  These are two essentials before any prospect will take the next step and set an appointment or agree to join a webinar.  The challenge, however, is keeping someone who doesn’t want your phone … Read More

Top 5 Tips to Overcome Sales Objections

Objections are a natural part of the selling process and they come during all stages of the sale. If there’s one guarantee in sales it’s that you will encounter objections. While it’s normal to wish this wasn’t so, the truth is objections are vital to the sales process. If a sales rep can successfully answer and overcome all objections, then … Read More

Is Cold Calling Dead? Here’s What Google Thinks

Ok, first let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. We are a cold-calling company asking whether our livelihood is dead. Suffice it to say, you’re probably assuming we have some sort of agenda behind asking this question and that our opinion can’t entirely be trusted because we have a stake in asserting that cold calling is, in fact, … Read More

The AA-ISP Leadership Summit: We Learn so Our Clients Profit

Earlier this month, three of us from VSA attended the Leadership Summit for the AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) in Chicago: Michele Plunkett (head of Operations), Kerry Dougherty (who leads BDR coaching and development, and is also a Program Manager) and myself. This is THE conference for our industry where all the best trainers and coaches, cutting edge … Read More

How to Handle the 1st Conversation with a DM

In B2B sales, there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into landing a new client. The most important first step is to really understand your buyer’s needs, concerns, and issues, and ensure that your product fits these needs. There’s nothing worse than trying to sell a product/service that your prospect doesn’t care about.) Most companies struggle most … Read More

VSA, Inc. Releases Proprietary Call Recording Software

Contact: Valerie Schlitt Telephone: 856-240-8100 Email: Website: Haddon Township, N.J. – VSA, Inc. is pleased to announce the success of its proprietary call recording software. Developed by Tayrex Corporation, another local NJ business with whom VSA has a long history, the new software has enabled VSA to enhance productivity tenfold. VSA, Inc. is a B2B call center that … Read More