Twisted Tasty Team Building

Two classic Philly pretzels on a plate

VSA is proud of our reputation as a great place to work. In fact, we were recently recognized as one of the best places to work in the Philadelphia region for the 2nd year in a row! Our team-based, employee-centered culture helps us retain and develop talented BDRs — something that most of our competition struggles to do. In addition … Read More

Three Ways to Declare Independence for Your Sales Team!

Human standing proudly between two fireworks

Prepare to be Patriotic! Whether we’re setting off fireworks, grilling, camping out, spending a few days at the beach (or doing all of the above!), most Americans look forward to Independence Day as a midsummer celebration of our country’s history and freedom. But what does independence mean for your company’s sales team? There’s a difference between independence and just short-term … Read More

The Improbable Story of a Returned Voicemail

When you reach a prospect’s voicemail, should you leave a message? Though it’s a simple enough question, no one seems to agree. Some of our clients want a voicemail on every call. Others ask that we leave voicemails only when we’ve already spoken with a decision maker previously. Still others tell us not to even bother. When asked for our … Read More

Healthcare Specialization

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Need a cure for your healthcare lead gen woes? Come see the specialists! For outbound sales teams, healthcare can be a particularly difficult industry to navigate. Hospital systems often feature ever-changing decision makers, out-of-date or confusing websites, or complex, arcane phone switchboards. Even in our industry, calling into healthcare institutions is something that many firms in don’t want to take … Read More

The Lifecycle of a Lead

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Even with inbound strategies for marketing and sales becoming increasingly popular, a good outbound lead gen campaign is uniquely valuable. There’s simply no substitute for a person-to-person interaction when it comes to converting market-qualified leads (MQLs) to sales qualified leads (SQLs). As indispensable as it may be, building a great outbound program is neither a simple nor an easy undertaking. … Read More

New Technology We Explored at the AAISP Summit

Audience at a seminar in a large lecture hall

Recently, VSA co-sponsored the 2019 AA-ISP Leadership Summit. Though it was our 4th year of attending, this was our first time as a sponsor. Our VP of Business Development Maureen Tucker and I traveled to Chicago to spend the week of April 15th through 18th at the summit. We set up our booth — which looked terrific — and met … Read More

Overcoming Your Fear of the Phone

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When reviewing your sales activity, it might surprise you to learn that your reps aren’t actually making many phone calls. If this is the case, you’re not alone. Your team is showing the symptoms of a common and often devastating ailment: a fear of the telephone. This illness can affect sales departments of all shapes and sizes — and in … Read More

All Aspects of Marketing Use the Phone

Black rotary phone on a white table

New technology seems to be changing everything in business — including, of course, how most companies approach lead generation and sales. Between big data, artificial intelligence, increasingly-sophisticated web advertising and the ever-expanding reach of social media, there are now more means than ever of interacting with prospects who meet your ideal customer profile. With the emergence of all of these … Read More

Don’t Get Fooled

“How many appointments can I expect to get?” Above all else, this is the what most of our clients want to know. Understandably, companies that conduct lead gen campaigns want the ability to track and monitor their results. And there must be a strong correlation between more appointments and more sales, right? Well… sometimes. Unfortunately, it’s fairly easy to generate … Read More

Luck or Pluck

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, some of us may recall an old children’s poem from the early 1900s that often made its way to our school lessons in March: What we call luck is simply pluck And doing things over and over Courage and will, perseverance and skill Are the four leaves of Luck’s clover. This poem’s message is particularly … Read More