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What is a B2B Call Center

8 Things to Consider Before Hiring a B to B Call Center Company

Broadly speaking, a B2B call center company is an enterprise that offers call management services to enterprises that mainly do business with other companies. Organizations outsource call-based tasks for various reasons including reducing operational costs, accessing specialized services unavailable in-house, as well as improving sales generation and qualification. With that in mind, here are some of the key things to consider before hiring a B2B call center service.

1. Product Offerings and Services

Evaluate the product offerings and services to ensure they suit your communication needs. For instance, some contact centers specialize in handling inbound calls, whereas others only manage outbound calls. Moreover, different contact centers offer different types of outbound or inbound solutions such as sales support, lead generation, technical support, live chat, telemarketing, lead qualification, order taking and fulfillment, or lead prospecting. It is also worth noting that some contact centers offer industry-specific services. But a company with deep experience – like VSA – does not need to be an expert in your industry to do an exemplary job at getting you leads and setting appointments. Determine your goals to be sure you are putting emphasis where it counts.

2. Infrastructure

Look for a business-to-business contact center company with the relevant call management infrastructure, for example, VoIP (Voice over IP) technology if your business mostly receives web-based calls. Since it may be difficult to verify and inspect the call infrastructure in person, you should find as much information as you can about the business-to-business contact center company you intend to hire. Of course, the Internet is a great resource for finding such information, including benchmark test results and customer reviews.

3. Language

Companies doing business in the United States find it valuable to use callers who are native American English speakers. The voice on the other end of the phone is crucial, because listeners make decisions within seconds regarding the authenticity of a call.

4. Location

This is important because some business-to-business contact center companies are located in foreign countries and their employees may not be well versed in the American corporate culture or even language.

5. Personnel

When outsourcing the important job of appointment setting, make sure that the team you hire has a marketing manager well-versed in teleservices. Their calling team should be comprised of agents and professionals who can easily integrate with your people. Callers with professional backgrounds make your outsourced team appear to be a part of your organization.

6. Security

According to the 2016 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study, the cost of a single data breach per business ranges anywhere from $3.8 million to $4 million. Also, the cost of losing a single business record increased from $154 in 2015 to $158 in 2016. To avoid such losses, look for a business-to-business contact center service with robust data security measures including firewalls, virus and malware scanners, persistent threat detection software, different information access levels, and strong data encryption.

7. Cost

National calling campaigns do not have the same premium added to the cost that international calls would. Still, professionally run B2B contact centers typically track metrics such as average dials per hour per agent, average response time, average sale value per call, and average hold time to ensure they bill clients correctly.

8. Analytics and reporting

Choose a contact center that performs data analytics and submits performance reports to clients periodically. This will enable you to make sound financial decisions.


B2B call center companies are beneficial to the corporate world because they enable companies to focus on their core functions. Some of the key considerations when choosing a business-to-business call center service include analytics and reporting, cost, personnel, location, infrastructure, language support, services offered, and security.