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San Francisco is California’s City by the Bay, and a booming Mecca for the world’s most ambitious tech entrepreneurs. Traditionally famous for its hills, its harbor, and its mild, windy weather, it’s now equally synonymous with digital innovation, savvy investors and top-tier talent.  

It’s a town where VSA Prospecting fits right in — we specialize in representing complex, cutting edge products, and approach everything we do with an entrepreneurial spirit that has made us the go-to choice for numerous San Francisco companies—especially those in the software and technology sectors. 

Regardless of industry, though, our successes resonate across the Bay Area. When you partner with us, you immediately extend your sales team. We invite you to leverage our insights, experience, and expertise into a full-scale expansion of your entire top-of-funnel operation. Drawing from nearly two decades of experience, we’ve developed a proprietary method for designing ongoing inside sales partnerships.

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VSA has proven success, driving towards ROI-positive programs.

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  • Built successful partnerships with over 500 clients in technology, healthcare, manufacturing/logistics, education and more.
  • Made over 2.5 million phone calls.
  • Set 50,000 sales appointments.
  • Helped close $100 million in new business.

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"VSA takes on any project with total commitment… from carefully curating every employee that works on our project, to dedicating themselves to the success of our project, VSA has given their all."

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Drawing from nearly two decades of experience, VSA has developed a proprietary method for designing ongoing inside sales partnerships that are ROI-positive. And it’s not just our clients who’ve taken notice—we’ve won numerous awards and accolades along the way.

If you’re searching for an experienced, collaborative partner to shore up the top of your sales funnel, there’s simply no substitute for VSA.

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