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You’ve found the best B2B appointment setting service! Let VSA expand your prospect and client base by setting appointments with qualified B2B buyers. We will act as your sales team. We know that your sales leads come from getting a qualified appointment, and we know how to achieve that for you. Outsourcing is often a very pragmatic strategy.

What is B2B Appointment Setting?
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We find decision makers by navigating through your target companies, making repeat calls and sending emails. We ask qualifying questions to identify which prospects are most likely to become clients so we don’t waste your time with tire-kickers.

Here’s more about how we help you with our qualified appointment setting services:

  • We become an extension of your team; prospects believe we’re sitting right in your office
  • We introduce ourselves as “from” your firm
  • We design a program that meets your needs, including the option of setting a call-back line that we answer in your name, or sending emails on your behalf
  • We help you purchase a calling list if you need one
  • We schedule dates on your calendar
  • We send emails to you for each qualified engagement set
  • We produce reports to measure progress towards goals
  • We allow you to download your calling file with our notes, 24/7, from a secure portal

Our entire goal is to find qualified decision makers, follow-up with them in a professional and credible manner, and set appointments that result in sales.

What is B2B Appointment Setting?

In order to grow, all businesses need more sales. Unless you are happy with your current flow of inbound leads, somehow you are going to need to find additional people who are in need of your service. Identifying who they are is not all there is to it, however; you are also going to need to make an appointment to find out if your businesses are indeed a fit, and exactly why they need to choose you. Business-to-business appointment setting is commonly known as the manner by which you can outsource this part of the process, short cutting the amount of time and energy you and your company need to put into it.

Making cold calls


Not all appointment setting companies are created equal. At VSA, we ensure that your campaign is as successful as possible by first creating a solid strategy. We will assist in purchasing a list of names to call, if needed. We’ve done this enough that we know which roles in a company will be most likely to book an appointment, how big a list needs to be to generate a worthwhile number of engagements, and what kinds of questions to ask before setting the date so you don’t waste your time talking to a non-decision maker.

We Are On Your Team

VSA callers become as much a part of your sales team as if they were physically sitting inside your company’s walls while making the phone calls. We learn about your products and services in depth so that we can both ask and answer questions with accuracy and confidence. We love to schedule appointments for you – but because we are not emotionally tied to your business, we are better able to take the rejection that inevitably comes with cold calling. We are able to make more calls, more productive calls, and deliver high quality results with the sales lead.

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