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Does your company need business development, but you don’t have the personnel to devote to it? Does the thought of cold calling send a chill through your body? You make some calls, but you never get past the gatekeeper? You know there are businesses out there that could benefit from your services, but you just can’t seem to make contact with them?

VSA Inc. was founded to solve this exact problem: to help you grow your business as if you had an in-house team of experienced personnel working to seamlessly connect you with new prospects.

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Great Appointment Setting Services in Chicago

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Chicago – the Windy City. Home of the Chicago Bears and the Sear’s Tower. The third largest city in the United States. Located on Lake Michigan. Lots of business happens here, and that’s why it’s a great place for VSA Inc. to offer business to business appointment setting services.

In addition to appointment setting, we also provide lead generation, lead qualification, list updates, and more. Our programs are all designed to help your B2B company succeed.

Why VSA Inc | Chicago Appointment Setting company is key to your business development woes

Cold Calling Chicago

Valerie Schlitt, owner and founder of VSA, started the company as a home-based business. Valerie holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and previously worked in marketing management at a few large corporations. Her firm started serving small businesses and professional offices who wanted to connect with prospects and alliances.

Valerie stays current with what is happening in her field by being active on local Chapter Boards of professional organizations, like PACE (Professional Association for Customer Engagement); BMA (Business Marketing Association); and AA-ISP. VSA is a certified Woman Owned Business.

What all this means to her clients is that she is dedicated to helping them grow. Our firm moved out of her house and continues expanding our offices in professional buildings in the area. Our clients are now companies of all sizes, in multiple geographic areas and industries. Some of our clients are international firms.

We have state-of-the-art voice, data, CRM and other software capabilities that make us among the most sophisticated B2B prospecting firms. Listen to what Valerie says: “We have not lost our family-room feel, but we have incorporated technology, processes, management practices and metrics that enable us to serve the most complex clients, and the most complex markets.”

Your Chicago Appointment Setting Agency Gets Proven Results

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As our testimonials show, VSA has helped hundreds of businesses successfully grow. For example, our Medical Billing and Technology client was up against a tough problem. With everyone from smaller practices, to larger practices, to hospitals themselves merging, it is difficult to even know the current players on the field. The decision makers from last month may no longer be in the same organization. VSA was able to successfully set appointments for their sales team, so they could achieve a 10-to-1 ROI compared to the investment they made with us.

Another client is in the Education field, where it is difficult for new vendors to be accepted. We identified gaps in our client’s system, grew their sales pipeline, and generated a 5-to-1 ROI. Our campaigns were so successful that the client referred us to other divisions within their company.

We’ve been working with a B2B Construction Supplier whose goal was to both acquire new customers but also maintain current ones. We have been able to meet all of our client’s criteria to improve both sales as well as customer satisfaction. They come back to us year after year, to continue to grow their business.

VSA has been in business for almost two decades. We’ve been growing ourselves the same way we help other companies to grow. Just take a look at our many Client Successes and Testimonials to get a better idea as to how we have achieved results.

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VSA is a B2B call center focusing on appointment setting and prospecting. We have a team of telemarketing experts that generate and qualify leads, set appointments and support our clients’ prospecting & sales process.

We are experienced at communicating value of complex offerings to top-level decision makers.

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