7 Tips to Plan a Successful Cold Calling Campaign

We all know that it is important to plan, especially in business. “Fail to plan, plan to fail,” as the saying goes. But, in this blog, we will specifically address planning for a cold calling campaign.

When we were a newbie company, we didn’t plan as much as we do now. We were hungry for business, so when we got a call for a job and they said they wanted to start on Monday, our response was “Sure, no problem!”  And we just dove in.

However, we quickly learned that a lack of thorough planning led to a rocky campaign full of stops and starts as we tried to fix problems along the way. People who aren’t in the business of cold calling don’t quite understand the importance of momentum to the success of a campaign. The herkie jerky quality of those early campaigns was rectified as soon as we started to plan properly.

Sixteen years in, we have it down to a science, with an on-boarding process that has been perfected over time. Of course, it’s virtually impossible to plan for EVERYTHING  – there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way especially early on – but anything you can do upfront saves you much time and effort later on.

VSA’s Top 7 Tips for Planning a Cold Calling Campaign:

  1. Know Your Target Market, Inside & Out – For every new client, VSA sends an in-depth questionnaire to be filled out. The first half is dedicated to helping us understand your target market – their pains and challenges, their desires and needs, and how your product/service fits into all that.
  2. Define Objectives – The second half of our questionnaire helps us understand what your objectives are. It’s vital that you define exactly what you want to achieve with your cold calling campaign. Otherwise, how will you ever know if it is successful or on-track?
  3. Create the Script – Once you have a firm grasp on your market and objectives, it’s time to write the script, or scripts as they may vary. Typically, we write different scripts for when we speak with the decision maker, as opposed to the gatekeeper, or on voicemail or in an email.
  4. Clean the List – Every cold calling campaign has a list of prospects. It’s important to clean that list up BEFORE you start calling to optimize the momentum factor of the campaign.
  5. Cross Your T’s & Dot Your I’s – Again, for momentum’s sake, make sure you have all the details worked out ahead of time, i.e. dedicated telephone numbers, landing pages, email templates, etc.
  6. Train the Staff – Whether you are using an outside company like VSA or handling it within, do not skimp on the training part. After all, your callers are the front line of your campaign and have much influence on its success.
  7. Launch and Refine – Finally, no matter how thorough your planning, always expect the beginning of any campaign to be experimental in nature. There’s only so much you can know at the outset. Some things you can only learn in the trenches. The beginnings of campaigns should be viewed as a pilot or test to help further hone the campaign for ultimate success.