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January –
A Simplified Comparison: Inside Sales vs. Telemarketing

NovemberPay for Performance vs. Hourly for B2B Appointment-Setting
Here’s What’s Hot In Lead Generation
What Really Infuriates Me
If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You Won’t Know If You Get There
When I Don’t Know is the Right Answer
Cold Calling’s Ability to be Tested

November –
B2B Cold Calling:  Perceived and Real Barriers to Success
September –
Account Management vs. Account Maintenance
JulyHow We Identified the Perfect Lead
MayIs Calls/Hour a Meaningful Measurement?
MarchHow Goal Orientation Drives Success
JanuaryLessons Learned: The Year in Review

November – How to Hire a Strong Cold Calling Team
September – How Cold Calling can help with New Product Launches
July – Personality and Cold Calling
May – Dabbling vs. Committing
March – Taped Calls: What Can Another Campaign’s Sample Calls Reveal about Your Program’s Success?
January – The Telephone Works Where Other Tools Don’t

November– Not Interested Does Not Mean Never Interested
September – Is it Smart to Send a Mailer Before Cold Calling?
July – In Some Ways, the Best Practices in Cold Calling Defy Logic
May – The Danger of Expecting your Cold Calling Team to Replicate You
March – The Great Sales Divide
January– B2B Cold Calling: Perceived and Real Barriers to Success

November – The “Call to Action” is Critical
September – Sales: One of the Hardest and Most Underappreciated Careers!
July – Is Cold Calling Obsolete?
May – Key Ingredients for Successful B2B Cold Calling Campaigns
March – How to Get Email Address by Cold Calling
January – Three Reasons to Get Email Addresses

November – Why I bought From Cold Callers
September – A Cold Caller’s Personality
July – What if You’re Like 99% of All Firms?
May – Answer The Phone to Build Your Business
March> – Answering the Phone; It’s Like Opening the Door

November – Use the telephone to boost networking
September – The Economy: How it has changed sales prospecting
July – How to make cold calling work
May – To blitz or not to blitz
March – Cold Calling: How to make long-term programs work!
January – How to get past the Gatekeeper

January – Cold Calling: Balancing lead quantity and quality
March – Real Tele-Prospecting Concerns from Real Clients
May – Cold Calling’s Unique Ability to be Tested
July – Dissecting the Successful Cold Call
September – Three Basic Business Tips
November – In Today’s Economy, It’s all about Cost Savings

January – Cold Calling – A surprising way to gain insider information!
March – Effective partnering results in more sales!
May – Cold Calling – A Prospecting Tool that Differentiates the Best from the Rest
July – What Kind of Planning Is Needed For Cold Calling Campaigns?
September – What’s Involved in Planning Your Telephone Prospecting Campaign?
November – B2B Cold Calling vs. Traditional Telemarketing

September – What To Do When You Can’t Find That Perfect Prospecting List
November – Prospect List Predicts Success