An information piece: the essential ingredient to convert property management decision makers into clients

Property Management decision makers stock up on information, and any telemarketing program should follow up each call by emailing or mailing information. It doesn’t matter whether the property managers are buying roofing services, snow and ice removal, property investment software, security systems, or other property maintenance services, they still want information to save and review.

Here are some examples:

Company A is a national snow and ice removal company targeting businesses across the United States.

This company implemented a pre-mailing to 10,000 property management firms. VSA callers then requested bids through follow-up telephone calls. Virtually 100% of the property maintenance decision makers we talked to asked that we re-send the information previously mailed. Then, five months later, these decision makers pulled out their packets and became clients.

Company B is a regional alarm firm in a major metropolitan area, installing security systems.

The VSA team makes cold-calls to set personal appointments between the property management staff and the alarm company’s sales team. At least half the time we talked to a decision maker, our prospects request additional information prior to setting appointments. Or, they request information for future reference. Our client has learned that sending this information boosts sales in both the short and long-run.

Company C is a national software firm helping major property management companies determine the return on investment for their properties.

VSA made cold calls to the decision makers. We pointed prospects to the company’s website. The site was incredibly robust and helpful to potential buyers.

The conclusion:  When targeting property management decision makers, VSA believes it’s best to send information when requested. Decisions on alarm systems, snow removal or property management software are not made every day. These decision makers maintain files and WILL get in touch when the need arises.