Here’s what companies say about working with the VSA’s professional prospecting team.

We are in our 4th year working with VSA and they have significantly exceeded my expectations for the total number of qualified leads generated. VSA’s outbound calling team displays a very good balance of professionalism and aggressiveness. I have not had any complaints from the senior level banking executives they call on my behalf. I heartily recommend them.
Bank Marketing Agency for Community Banks Nationwide

We have been working with VSA for 2 years now. From the onset Valerie was realistic and straightforward about what to expect. Because they didn’t sugarcoat, I felt I would be dealing with an ethical and trustworthy firm and that has proved to be true. My sales manager was initially concerned about an outside telemarketing group speaking with physician executives because it really takes a knowledgeable and mature resource. I am happy to say that these concerns were unfounded. Everyone on our team at VSA is an expert at managing the telemarketing process and has worked hard to understand our business. Now we see VSA as an extension of our sales team. They help our sales team be a lot more efficient and effective.
Medical Billing for Large Specialty Practices

VSA has been a terrific partner for us over the past 18 months. Having VSA as an extension of our sales team has led to numerous closed deals where the sales cycle was significantly shortened and had a positive effect on our time to revenue.
Wireless High Speed Internet

This is our fifth year working with VSA. The team has always approached every call as though they were employees of our firm. The capacity and responsiveness of the group is great and more importantly the partnership concept is real. Every single employee I’ve talked to or emailed with at VSA knows they are working for me. To succeed, you have to have people who care and carry the plan through. Most companies cannot do that oat an employee level. VSA has always been able to accomplish this for every campaign.
Payment Card Programs for Financial Institutions and Merchant Programs

Our firm has been working with VSA for about one and a half years. The VSA team are wonderful people to work with and a great partner. They are passionate at what they do. Bottom line: We’re getting results from our relationship with VSA.
Mobile Health Services

We have significantly focused our sales efforts with VSA’s services. Using VSA, our sales team to focuses on decision makers in our target market, avoiding hundreds of firms who don’t qualify. That’s because VSA makes cold calls in advance to learn “hard to get” information that disqualify many companies. We saved time and money and are bringing clients on board more quickly.
Gases for Industry, Health and the Environment

We have worked with VSA on a project basis on and off over the past 8 years. I can honestly say that this entire ‘process’ has been a success! I have definitely gotten new clients from it and many possible future clients.

For one thing, I had a meeting with a major national sports team regarding their Christmas gifts to season ticket holders and eventually sold the account. I could never have gotten “in there” without the brochure, the letter, or VSA’s calling efforts!! This opportunity was classic.”
Advertising Specialties

I wasn’t certain that VSA callers could communicate a product as complex as ours. But, I knew our engineers wouldn’t have the time to go make calls themselves. VSA has produced quality leads, saved us time, and updated an older list with valuable information.
Industrial Membrane Switches

I was impressed. Our technology and enterprise management services are not easy for most people to learn quickly. VSA’s calling team not only was able to talk to our prospects intelligently, but they produced leads that are turning into sales. We definitely see a return on our investment!
Enterprise Software and Management Services

We launched our website and are using many types of media to promote it. We hired VSA for our tele-prospecting efforts. It’s not just the calls that work, but VSA has helped us better understand our prospective clients’ needs. Our VSA team is effective and professional and we have come to think of them as a key part of our outreach strategy.
Online Marketing for Personal Interest Classes & Learning Experiences

VSA opened great new opportunities for us through qualified leads that increased our client and prospect base.
Advertising Agency

VSA has introduced us to hundreds of school districts across the state and put us in front of many key decision makers. We trust VSA callers to represent us professionally and to help us grow. We have already signed agreements with some key districts, and have opportunities to begin work with several others. We couldn’t be more pleased at the results.
Property Damage Experts

After mailing 10,000 letters to property management professionals nationwide, we needed an outsourced calling team who could really reinforce our message. VSA had just that level of professionalism. The callers didn’t make a single phone call until they really understood our offering. The biggest point is that they were not a standard firm with scripts, but a team of educated individuals who reinforced our image with each phone call, and learned how to answer questions. We know this program helped plant the seeds for the tremendous growth we gained this winter.
Nationwide Snow Removal for Large Multi-Site Property Managers

I have used several different telemarketing firms over the past several years. Time after time I have been disappointed by the performance of these firms. My experience with VSA has been an exception to my prior experience with telemarketing firms. I have been very satisfied with the efforts that the staff at VSA has made on behalf of my company. They have been very professional in their dealings with my clients. They are the first marketing firm that I have used where my clients have complemented me on the professionalism of the callers. I would recommend their services to any company who is looking to increase their market presence with property managers and building owners.
Commercial Roofing

VSA’s team is professional and intelligent. They understand our company and our target audience. I was very pleased with the outcome of VSA’s prospecting to the list we provided them and I will use VSA’s services in the future. VSA has a state of the art technology that allows us as clients to check the project status on line any time.
Software Development

VSA has been a tremendous asset to our Investment Management Firm and the growth of our business of pension funds and institutional investments. Everyone we have worked with has been highly qualified, dedicated, and professional. We feel confident with the team representing our firm and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for experienced marketing services.
Institutional Investment Management

VSA made calls to regional companies following my mailing for health & welfare benefit consulting. While the program is still young, VSA’s calls more than met my expectations. VSA saved me the time to go through the list and they opened doors that I would never have had the time to do. I know it’s the repeat contact that works and, coupled with VSA caller skills, their ability to make repeat efforts is the huge value VSA brings.

The VSA calling team was very opened to training, strategy sessions and feedback that I could provide before and during the campaign, to make it as successful as possible. I think this was a key element in the overall success of the program.
Capital Management

Using VSA to jump start our marketing program proved to be a true brainstorm on our part! The staff is top quality, flexible and quick to learn the program. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the appointments they sent my way. At times I felt that the prospect was ready to retain us as soon as I walked in the door!

The cost of the program has easily paid for itself in new business, and I plan to continue marketing this way in the future.

VSA developed a targeted marketing plan for my niche law firm that obtained the results that I was seeking: new contacts that continue to refer new clients. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the services provided by VSA.
Social Security Disability Attorney

My program with VSA is just beginning and I have already expanded my network of potential referral partners through it. I would never have had the time to do all the work the VSA team has done to open doors. And, their help on the telephone is great. This is something I just do not have the time or desire to do myself. VSA has made it easy and enjoyable.
Employment Attorney

VSA put a marketing plan in place for me and helped me see it through until the end. The firm’s assistance made both the plan implementation and follow through easy and convenient. I was so impressed with the results I obtained that I have recommended VSA many times and will continue to do so at every future opportunity.
Employment Attorney

The VSA calling team is professional and persistent. They represented my client as if they were sitting in their offices right with them. VSA did the cold calling my client did not have the time to do, but needed completed when developing relationships in a market of interest.
Strategic Marketing Firm

VSA has connected me to attorney referral partners I would not otherwise have met. VSA helps me make repeated contacts to provide value-added information to these individuals. I am getting referrals I would not have gotten, without the network VSA helped me cultivate.
Funeral Home

I have worked with VSA on numerous projects – their teams of callers are experienced, professional and knowledgeable. And the calls get results. A recent project that we did with VSA netted 20 new clients for our client – a home run!
Advertising Agency