Defining Your Ideal Buyer Persona

Most businesses understand the value of doing market research in order to determine who their target market is and how/when/where they buy, but less truly understand the value of taking that market research one step further by fleshing it out to create their ideal buyer persona. But, here’s the thing. Taking the time to complete this exercise will help you … Read More

The Number One Prospecting Sales Objection

Surf the internet and you’ll find a wealth of information about how to navigate the most common objections encountered by sales professionals. Unfortunately, they typically only focus on the types of objections you hear in the latter portion of the sales process as you near the close. While the close is a vital component of the sales process, and the … Read More

The Inside Scoop of a B2B Cold Caller

Here at VSA, everyone starts out as a caller. Even if we hire someone that we know is destined for a management track, we still start them out as a Client Associate, which is the title we use for our cold callers. In order to work in any position in our company, it is vital you have the inside scoop … Read More

Autonomy: The FREE and Powerful Employee Benefit

Google is one of the most innovative and successful companies of our time. Google sets itself apart by thinking outside the box in all arenas, including employee management. One of the smartest things they’ve ever done is allow their employees to work on whatever they want 20% of the time. (This does not mean that they can work on a … Read More

Cold Calling or Cold Emailing?

Since the dawn of the digital age, there has been this assumption that, eventually, digital will wipe out all other mediums, making them obsolete. After all, digital is faster and cheaper. Plus, it comes with a truck load of juicy data that can be organized into insightful tools like graphs and charts which, in turn, help to make prospecting and … Read More

Insights into a Sales Recon Mission

reconnaissance: noun 1. the act of reconnoitering (to inspect, observe, or survey in order to gain information for military purposes.) 2. a search made for useful military information in the field Recently one of our veteran callers, who is working on a very challenging prospecting campaign, joked that it made her feel more like she was on some sort of … Read More

10 Tips for Successful Cold Calling

As a B2B call center, we make cold calls all day long, every day. With each call we make, our goal is to set an appointment for our client so they can potentially close the sale with the new prospect. The following is a short list of what we have learned over the past sixteen years. 1. Work Past Your … Read More

7 Things To Consider Before Hiring A B2B Call Center Service

What is a B2B Call center? Broadly speaking, a B2B call center company is an enterprise that offers call management services to enterprises that mainly do business with other companies. Organizations outsource call-based tasks for various reasons including reducing operational costs, accessing specialized services unavailable in-house, as well as improving sales generation and qualification. With that in mind, here are … Read More

Meaningful Work Makes All the Difference

I have been to many professional development presentations that focus on highly productive work environments. One theme that is highlighted repeatedly is the importance of “meaningful work.” When I was in my 20’s, I didn’t understand this. I remember being a young marketing manager in New York, providing instructions to a software development team in Florida. These developers were smart … Read More

Transitions: The Hardest Part of Cold Calling

Two months ago, I began taking Yoga classes. Through my early practices, I discovered that I need tremendous improvements in my strength, balance and flexibility. But most importantly, I discovered that I have really choppy transitions from one pose to the another. Instead of flowing, I am lurching after each position hurrying to get into the next.  It’s very awkward. … Read More