Owner and Founder, Valerie Schlitt, started VSA in 2001 from her family room with 2 employees. Prior, Valerie earned an MBA from The Wharton School, and held marketing management positions in large corporations and consulting roles at PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG Consulting.

“Starting my own business was never something I thought about,” Valerie remembers, “until I realized I had more of an entrepreneurial spirit than my corporate peers, and I loved generating tangible, quantifiable results that directly impacted the bottom line.”

All of Valerie’s prior roles involved call center operations and direct marketing.

Valerie launched VSA in 2001. VSA’s first client was an Elder Law Attorney. He wanted some telephone calls made to connect him to other professionals who served seniors and their caregivers.

When some of Valerie’s colleagues realized VSA had a team of individuals who could make sales calls, VSA branched into B2B Appointment Setting. And that started the ball rolling.

Fast forward, VSA now occupies offices on two floors of a professional office building. The individuals who worked in Valerie’s family room remain with the firm.

Our clients are no longer local small businesses, but rather companies of all sizes, across multiple industries and geographic areas – including international firms. Our technology infrastructure has far surpassed the six phone lines that Valerie had installed in the family room. We have state-of-the-art voice, data, CRM and other software capabilities that are virtually second to none.

“We have not lost our family-room feel,” Valerie says, “but we have incorporated technology, processes, management practices and metrics that enable us to serve the most complex clients, and the most complex markets.”

Today, VSA is among the most sophisticated B2B prospecting firms, with a focus on complex products and services and complex prospecting processes.