VSA Telesales Employees

B2B Call Center

VSA is a premiere telemarketing, lead generation, and appointment setting firm. We excel on programs for complex products and services and with complex prospecting approaches. From healthcare and logistics to software and energy and more, we work across all industries. Our outbound calling campaigns reach the most senior levels, as well as plant managers.

We see repeatedly that the biggest challenges sales leaders face today are deciding which prospecting activities bring the most value to their organizations. They either have talented field reps who spend too much of their valuable time cold calling, when they should be in front of buyers that have interest. Or, the field reps spend no time prospecting, and the sales pipelines dry out. Hunting is still the very top of the sales funnel, and without it, no one eats. Keeping the top of the funnel filled with qualified opportunities is VSA’s role.

A boutique call center based 100% out of a single office in the US, we thrive on custom-designed and targeted programs that typical B2B telemarketing firms shy away from. We are effective because we know that details matter. Our entire infrastructure is designed to support our clients’ sales success. We do not simply throw cold calling programs together. We strategically plan the process.

VSA knows that these three components are critical to our clients’ success, and we design and execute our B2B appointment setting programs around these:

  • Compelling scripts
  • Targeted lists
  • A focus on systematic follow-up

Also important, our team is comprised of articulate, experienced and long-term employees who know how to find decision makers, engage them in conversation and repeatedly follow-up. 98% of sales are made after the 6th attempt, and we don’t give up easily! Our team knows how to qualify leads, so we don’t waste our clients’ time with junk! Emails, voice messages, return calls, and calendaring appointments. We do it all and do it well. We become part of our clients’ teams and perform the critical role of keeping their sales pipelines filled.

VSA’s structured and systematic approach relies on our strong account management oversight and attention to metrics. Our programs have time and again proven to uncover hard-to-reach decision makers whom our clients could never meet on their own. In fact, our B2B prospecting programs are a secret weapon for our clients.

VSA’s staffing model allows us to scale up and down based on clients’ needs. Most clients stay with us long term, but others come and go on a project basis. Our staff is comprised of college-educated, experienced, accent-neutral and results-oriented individuals who thrive on challenges. All held leadership roles outside VSA. Each has years’ experience, and most have been with VSA over 5 years. Once we create a strong team for a client, we retain that team so our institutional knowledge keeps growing. As a result, our effectiveness as B2B Telemarketers and appointment setters increases.

The entire VSA team works from the same office. This proximity allows us to share ideas and help each other improve. Likewise, clients can visit us while we’re on their program and witness first hand their outsourced inside sale team.

We believe in a little fun along the way, too. After all, the job we perform can be repetitive. It’s not unusual to have Friday pizza lunches, share motivational messages on a white board, throw foam balls at each other during a break, or bring in balloons.

We build tremendous allegiances to each other and to our clients. Our clients’ success is job #1.
When we become so excited with each appointment we set, we know we are truly part of each client’s team.